Mind Games

The mind is the power behind every human being and without it, we'd be no better than any other animal at the top of its food chain. Feeding the mind with games that are both complex and testing is therefore an essential part of maintaining and developing this miraculous gift we all possess.

The mind can be likened to a muscle in the body. If it is left unused for any length of time, it soon withers away and loses its power and strength. But if it is exercised regularly, it grows in strength and power. Similarly, such is the nature of our minds.

How to Develop the Mind

The mind can be developed by making it work hard, or literally giving it an exercise work out frequently and regularly. Doing taxing tasks such as learning a new language, learning a musical instrument or memorizing several passages from a book for an exam all go towards mental development.

Another way of appropriating a high level of mental development is in playing what are often referred to as mind games. These are games that are designed to tax the brain and force the player to make rapid decisions, rationalise situations and develop solutions to problems.

The more the mind is forced to solve puzzles, the better it becomes at solving puzzles. Just as the more the leg muscles are forced to run for longer distances, the further a runner is able to run.

What Are the Best Games to Play?

In order to develop the mind while gleaning entertainment from the activity, there are certain games that tend to work the mind in several different areas simultaneously. Chess is an excellent game for this as it requires intense concentration, problem solving, strategy development and planning to enable the player to win the game. The more difficult the opponent is to beat, the better the player will become at the game.

Other mind developing games include backgammon and checkers for example, although there are also many other board style games that count in this area. There are also several card games that require high levels of concentration and strategy, such as poker, cribbage, rummy, whist and bridge.

What About Computer Games?

Many people believe that complex computer games are also good for developing the mental faculties, but there is a downside to these games. Because of their graphical nature, one major element of mental faculty is removed from the equation - the imagination.

When you have no need of imagination to calculate and win a game, the mind is not taxed nearly so much as it is when the imagination is used to facilitate ever changing strategies where there is no alternative. Computer games provide the graphical substitute for imagination, so remove the player's reliance on their own most important resource.

Therefore I feel that while some computer games are indeed very complex and require a high level of concentration and problem solving, they lack the facility to cause a player's imagination to take over and develop strategic plans for winning.


What follows is a short additional look at the way in which games that feed the mind can help to improve mental agility and aid the flow of the thought processes.

While there are plenty of people who do not see being mentally slow as much of a problem, there are plenty more who do and it is those who can use all the help they can get to do something positive about it. There are mountains of websites that can be researched online that specialize in improving mental abilities and many of them publish a great deal of articles that are designed to provide helpful advice to their readers.

With this information being freely available, it would be foolish to ignore it and not take full advantage of it. For finding some really useful tips to make the process as easy and doable as possible, the Internet really has no rival for ease of searching and convenience. After all you do not even need to leave your home and can do all your research in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Just make sure you keep some paper handy, or remember to print every useful article that you find for later reference and the keep it all together so you do not misplace anything. Then you can begin to use that information for formulate you very own personal program for improving your mental faculties, improving your mental skills and feeling great.

Variables that Matter from Person to Person

There are so many variables to consider when putting together your own strategy for raising your mind's abilities that you often can really use all the help that is available to get. While there is plenty of good advice that works for most people, you also need to take all that information and boil it down to the bare bones of the subject so that they apply more specifically to you as an individual.

The reason for this is that exercising your mind is a personal thing and because everyone is a little different, the things that will work very well for one person may not work so well for another. You have to try and find something in all of that which pertains more specifically to your needs.

You can often discard the advice that will work for someone who is in a widely different age group to you, as you can also discard some of those tips for the opposite sex. Look at your current state of mental development, its build, memory and concentration levels and find those avenues that are geared up mostly for you. That way you can build up your own plan of action and expect to get a better rate of success for doing that extra bit of ground work.