Winning Fair and Square

Most game players are generally fair in their attitude while cheats and bad losers tend to be looked down on. Do you prefer winning fair and square?

Would you like to win the games you play more often while maintaining an air of fairness? Then this article is for you, as it looks at winning games while following the path of fairness, fair play and the respect it earns you from other players.

How to Win Games Fairly

win games fairlyWinning a game while maintaining fairness and not bending or breaking the rules or treading on other players' toes in the process, is actually easier than many believe. The most important thing to bear in mind is that when you become an expert in a particular game, you are going to be very hard to beat, so there is no need to resort to any underhand tactics.

You have probably come across experts in many games that you found to be very tough opponents. Yet the played fair and hard and you respected them, didn't you?

There is nothing quite like earning the respect of other players when they look up to you as the one they admire. When you display a high level of competence and expertise in any game, others will want to try and beat you, but at the same time will be happy to settle for being beaten by "the better player" every time.

Be the Expert

So how do you become an expert in your chosen game? You get there by learning and playing by the rules, the most effective strategies and playing the game often against high calibre players to raise your own game.

It takes time and a lot of practise to become so good at a game that you are very difficult to beat. But that time and effort is really worth it to get to such a high level of expertise that you become the player everyone else looks up to.

Learning the Steps to Take

It may come as a surprise to some that gaining expertise in a game can be as simple or as difficult as the individual wants to make it. Now that may not be a conscious decision, but it happens nevertheless.

So to maximize your potential to gain as much knowledge and expertise as possible in the time you need to lose it in, the best way is to follow a set methodology, or to put it simply, follow a definite set of steps.

Now it may appear at first glance to be a little restrictive, but following the tried and tested steps that are known to work for the majority of players will help enormously when you are trying to raise your game for yourself.

So what are these steps and how do you do them? This is the simple part, as you will see.

  1. Get yourself into a positive frame of mind. This will enable you to be more motivated when it comes to following the rest of the steps, because without motivation you will likely fail.
  2. Memorise the rules and every expert strategy you can find. If that sounds like a really primitive thing to say, remember that the primary reason for the level an expert gets to is because they made it their business to know the game inside out.
  3. Get some daily practise. That might sound like another simple and obvious statement, but it's more true than many people realize. When you hear the phrase "practise makes perfect" bandied about, it is for a very good reason.

When you combine a healthy specialized knowledge of a game with sufficient daily practice, you will gain the expert status over time and then maintain it in the long term. Simple as it may sound, these are the three basic steps for becoming an expert in your chosen game that anyone can follow and they work.

The Value of Good Strategy Tips

Players who are trying to raise their game are often deluged by a variety of plans and programs all designed to make the process as easy as possible. The problem with this is that being overwhelmed by too many choices can have a detrimental effect on your ability to actually settle upon a good choice that will be best for you as an individual.

Often it is a good idea to read up on some useful game strategy tips to learn what is most likely to work best for you personally rather than relying on hearsay and uncorroborated amateur tactics. Even online, you will come across some attention grabbing tips that can actually be valuable to you as a source of knowledge.

This is often the case with those tips that are pure information and do not lead to buying a product or service. Many of the best ways to raise your game are naturally straight forward and common sense and require no special product to make them worthwhile.

Be a Fair Play Genius and Keep Things Simple

While it's pretty common knowledge that playing fair can be easier if you keep things simple rather than complicating the whole affair, far too many people still insist on derailing their own efforts by putting barriers in their way by complicating something that is really very simple!

However you view the process of playing fairly and squarely as part of your character makeup, the basics of good playing strategy combined with sufficient knowledge are still the major points that make it work. Therefore, keeping that process as simple as you can make it will mean that it is far easier to follow and you'll be less prone to missing things out and losing ground.

So it's pretty plain to see that the genius of simple fair play lies in keeping the knowledge you possess of your chosen game as up to date and expansive and is possible. At the same time, you should ensure that your head stays as uncluttered and clear of unnecessary complications as you possibly can, in order to succeed at achieving the goals that you set for yourself.